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We support recycling. We reflect our sensitivity to the environment both in our living spaces and in our products.

We Say Nature First

As a result of our respect for society and the environment, our management approach is based on "respect for nature". We believe in the importance of working without harming nature, aware of our responsibility to the world, carefully determine the working order and rules and follow these rules.

We Adopt Quality

AkalBatu adopting quality as a way of life. It acts by targeting the highest quality level in every work it does, every product it produces and every service it offers, and places its customers at the focal point of its understanding of quality.

We Believe in Innovation

AkalBatu works with an understanding that has a high awareness, pursues opportunities that will add a different dimension to its business both within the company and in a more macro framework, and pushes the limits to bring these ideas to life while producing new and different ideas.

About Us

Our group started its commercial life in 1999 by serving clothing brands with a small office. As of today, it has a wide range of products that can meet the needs of national and international brands such as hangers, packaging, bags and labels. We can proudly say that we are one of the national and even global firsts that can serve brands on this scale with its product diversity and capacity. Production capacity has been developed and continues to be developed in line with customer needs or with innovative developments. Nearly seventy percent of the millions of products sold in a period of nearly 25 years were produced in their own production facilities based in Ankara and Istanbul. It is the corporate vision of our group to establish commercial ties with high added value and in line with the win-win principle, by producing new products with high quality price performance, accurate communication and appropriate financial solutions. Our main mission is to produce sustainable and recyclable raw materials and materials, under suitable working conditions, with our employees with high work peace and motivation, and to offer them to our customers with a sincere communication. The management of our businesses and production facilities is controlled by end-to-end ERP software in accordance with enterprise resource planning processes. We are honored to serve our B2B and B2C customers online from or e-commerce marketplaces. You can follow our products and AkalBatu on the following social media accounts.

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Innovative Investments

AkalBatu follows the developments, industry and dynamics in the world very closely in order to maintain its growth. AkalBatu continues to add value to the sector by using the path it has taken in the field of specialization and focusing on specific areas. Our company, which has reached the leadership of the supply chain with its performance in packaging and printing production and trade, where it has made great progress in recent years, will further develop its works in this field and will head towards new products and new markets.

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Products Suitable for Needs

Cardboard, Kraft or Cloth Bag...

Add Value to Your Brand.

Gıdadan tekstile her ürün grubu için kaliteli, çevre dostu çanta modellerini keşfedin

Plastic or Special Hanger

Choose Your Hanger!

Browse our range of hangers, choose your hanger, contact us to customize it and place your order.


Card, Woven Label

Browse the label patterns. Call us to add a unique design for your brand and produce your labels.

Customizable Shipping Bag

Cargo Bag

Promote your brand while protecting your products during delivery with customizable AkaBatu cargo bags.


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