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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find product prices?

If you click on the offer button under the products and send your size and printing information, the prices will be sent to you by making an offer.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities vary according to product groups. Our sales representatives will send you the relevant information according to the product groups you inquire about.

Do you design the products yourself?

Yes, by obtaining your logo or the text you want to be added to the print, your contact information; We are preparing the files to be printed with the support of our experienced designers.

Is sample production done?

We do not produce samples. If you wish, you can see our product and print quality by ordering small quantities from our website.

What is our deadline?

Although it varies according to product groups, it is generally between 2/4 weeks.

Who bears the shipping cost?

The shipping cost of the customized products made by our corporate belongs to the customers. Our customers make payment based on the pricing of our contracted cargoes. We provide the delivery of hangers for Ankara and printing house groups for Istanbul free of charge.

What are your payment options?

We have deferred, cash, pos, EFT/Remittance payment methods.

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